Life Insurance / Personal Protection

We feel very strongly that clients should be adequately protected when buying their home. How will you continue to repay your mortgage if you are ill or if your partner dies? We will endeavour to provide relevant, cost-effective advice to ensure that your mortgage is adequately protected.

We provide advice on products based on a fair and personal analysis:

Life Assurance

This product is designed to ensure that a lump sum is paid on the death of the plan holder to repay an outstanding debt or provide cash to a dependent to maintain a suitable standard of living. This is particularly important if a mortgage is based on two applicants where both salaries are required to maintain the monthly payments.

Critical Illness Cover

Critical Illness Cover is designed to provide protection on the same basis as Life Assurance but on the diagnosis of a range of specified serious medical conditions rather than on death. This type of cover is very often combined with Life Assurance under one plan. Critical Illness Cover is suitable for both single and joint applicants.

Income Protection

Unlike the previous two Insurance Plans, Income Protection is designed to provide a regular monthly income to replace the applicant’s salary whilst off work ill. Typically this plan will pay an income for as long as necessary which is a real benefit if you are under pressure due to ill health. Having this plan in place means you don’t need to rush back to work.